Now on at the UICA: Urbanity

From the UICA’s current offering, Urbanity, a multidisciplinary series investigating the complex dynamics of living peaceably and sustainably together.

Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids, 13 April — 5 July 2012

The contemporary urban center is amidst a renaissance, people returning from the suburbs, seeking a more communal and efficient lifestyle. The artists of Urbanity each investigate the dynamics of co-habitation within a city landscape. This exhibition which celebrates the 35th year of the Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts, asks viewers to think about what it means in 2012 to live together as a metropolitan community.

In addition to the exhibition there are lectures, workshops, and films.

For more information, see the UICA website.

Films Include

Dark Days
Tuesday, 17 April | 7 PM (free screening)

Urban Roots
Tuesday, 22 May | 7 PM (free screening)

The Pruitt-Igoe Myth
Tuesday, 12 June | 7 PM (free screening)

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