Congratulations! To Bjorn Sparrman Calvin College 2012 BFA.

Bjorn won the grand prize for his entry in the Calvin SummerPool Art Contest. The project was a huge success, multiple entries were collected and art folks from the Calvin community and beyond were involved. Entries were judged by: Hannah Mast (Calvin 2011, BA Studio), Jocelyn Aarnoutse (Emily Carr University 2013, Communication Design) and Jenny Swim (Calvin 2012, BFA). The intent of SummerPool was to encourage Calvin students and recent graduates to continue their art making while away from school. All entry fees were collected, pooled and awarded to the winner.

Bjorn’s entry, St. Peter’s Mica is pictured above. It is a recognizable product of Bjorn, such drawings will surely be sorely missed this fall in the art department.

Runner-up Ich Komme Aus Den USA by Megan McCrary is pictured above. Megan will be Co-Leading the Visual Arts Guild this school year with (Anna) Hanchett and Annette Brouwer. Look for more work from Megan this fall and/or ask her how you can be involved in future V.A.G./Calvin art related projects!


Thanks to everyone for their involvement and once again,



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