Free Radical 2012 Spotlight: U____: Specimens of Self

U____: Specimens of Self
Curator: Bjorn Sparrman
Venue 1 Oct. 26: (106) Gallery parking lot, 106 S.Division
Venue 2 Nov. 2: Starving Artist 209 S.Division # 105
Artists: Bjorn Sparrman, Jay Howard, Shanda Edsall, Scott Rodger, Dania Grevengoed, Sam Wade, Bridgette Keehl, Miranda Brouwer + Kerry Aarnoutse.
Documenters: The Bureaux
Statement: The artist group BUREAUX investigates the specimens of themselves, attempting to formulate a collective theory of themselves. Part gallery, part anthropological museum, part truck, U____ Specimens of Self toys with science, theatrics, and printmaking.

U____: Specimens of Self is a collaborative group show. Members of The Bureaux community have been working together over the last few months, sharing histories of their selves through objects/specimens and creating artwork in response to the eclectic collection. Opening night of the exhibition will take place in a U-Haul truck parked outside of the Calvin (106) Gallery on Division avenue. Bjorn connects the mobile venue with the theme by defining specimens as, “the [stuff] you take with you when you move”. The Bureaux folks will essentialy be moving into Division avenue. The artwork and specimens will be transformed from belongings of individuals to an installation from the collective.

Documentation of the show will take form of a sentimental home video, imagine the opening credits to The Wonder Years. This video and the installation will be relocated on the second night to Starving Artist Studio.

U____: Specimens of Self /// Free Radical
Friday Oct. 26 | 6-11pm: (106) Gallery parking lot, 106 S.Division
Friday Nov. 2 | 6-11pm: Starving Artist 209 S.Division # 105

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