UICA: Utopia/Dystopia


Opening next week at UICA, Utopia/Dystopia. Our society operates under a continual sense of fear. Threats of tsunamis, earthquakes, tribal warfare and violent extremism circulate through mass produced imagery and perpetuate a cultural landscape racked with apprehension. As the Mayan calendar predicts the end of a current era on December 21, the globe reacts; mass media promotes yet another fantastic apocalyptic scenario, Bolivia pledges to outlaw Coke, and art institutes throw End of the World parties. This exhibition imagines our future geo-political landscape-with optimism and utopian hope or cynicism and dystopian fear. Utopia/Dystopia was co-Curated by Brett Colley and Calvin professor, Mandy Cano-Villalobos. For a sneak peak of the Utopia/Dystopia exhibition, visit UICA’s flickr.

December 21–February 17

The opening reception for Utopia/Dystopia is Friday December 21 6-8pm

[Followed by UICA’s End of the World Party, 8-11pm]


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