BFA Reviews | Fall 2012

What kind of art are Calvin students making? BFA reviews are the art department community’s opportunity to see exactly what Calvin students are interested in, and what they are making. For the fall semester, five students exhibited their portfolios for BFA program reviews.

BFA: Bachelor of Fine Arts is a competitive art program at Calvin. Each semester, BFA program students must create art and curate a show of their recent work to be critiqued by the department professors. The BFA program is geared towards students interested in pursuing an MFA and/or a career as an artist.



Shanda Edsall
Shanda worked with a variety of mediums last semester. Her paintings, drawings, ceramics and sculpture reflect her experimentations with shapes and layering. Through her process, Shanda discovered frequent recurrences of certain organic shapes.

Dania Grevengoed
Dania exhibited painting, ceramics and mixed media works. She has a strong art-historical approach to creating work, and she is also concerned with merging two unrelated subjects and creating a new whole.


“Bulerias”, and Untitled

Anna Hanchett
Hanchett showed her politically driven works, responding the the present unrest in Spain. She made use of multiple mediums including ceramics, collage and sewing.


Stephanie Kang
Stephanie filled her gallery space with kitsch-art objects inspired by Asian culture. By reappropriating asian imagery, and using childish materials, such as pom poms and googly eyes Stephanie informs her viewers of the demeaning portrayal of women in Asian society.


“untitled (after Commodus as Hercules)”, and “Offering”

Anna Van Milligen
Anna makes bold choices of materials, glitter, pom poms, gold spray paint and pink lights. Her materials reflect her frustrations with the second-rate position of feminine aesthetics, the commodification of women, and power/weakness associated with sexuality.
Anna will be releasing a calendar this month, KITSCH KALENDAR.

Stephanie Kang and Anna Van Milligen will be graduating this May, we have a sure-to-be eye popping senior BFA show to look forward to!

For more information on the BFA program, please visit the Calvin website.

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