faculty-residency-headerNYCAMS (New York Center for Art and Media Studies) is an off-campus semester long program funded by Bethel University that takes students from all across the country and plops them in New York City. The program has three tracks: design, studio art, and writing, the newest of which is writing. Students live in Long Island City (which is one subway stop into Queens), and work in Midtown Manhattan, just blocks away from some of the most well known commercial art galleries in the art world. Students live, work, and experience the city together. They are set up with internships, which range from working with design firms to individual artists to non-profits to publishing firms to galleries, etc etc. Students also take classes together, as well as produce new work, which is then critiqued by peers and eventually presented in a final show in the NYCAMS gallery at the end of the semester.
Recent Calvin graduate, Jenny Swim, who spent the fall 2012 semester in New York with NYCAMS, will be sharing more information on the program on Wednesday, March 13, and will be available to answer any questions regarding the subject. The meeting will take place at 4:00PM in the drawing studio (SC102).
You can also find more information at the NYCAMS website.

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