Frederik Meijer Gardens | Paula Hayes

Fullscreen capture 432013 43256 PM.bmp“She and her work defy simple categorization—she inhabits the
aesthetic…of art, sculpture, landscape design, architecture,
gardening, horticulture, and environmentalism,” Richard D.Marshall,
art historian, says of the artist in his forward to the recently published
Paula Hayes. Quite fitting for an artist and gardener whose work
exemplifies unifying horticulture and sculpture to speak at Meijer
Gardens’ Secchia Garden Lecture in April.

For the Secchia Garden lecture, Hayes will devote attention
to both her exquisite, high-end art terrariums as well as her unique
planters designed for outdoor gardens. She will introduce her
“dumpling” planters made of soft rubber and her organically shaped
silicone containers and she will discuss how she incorporates them
within the landscapes she has designed. Her focus on terrariums will
include a fascinating history and how her stunning creations are much
more than living decorations—they provide a connection with the
natural world and “a little bit of nature in the home and an opportunity
to care for it.

Join us for inspiration from Hayes’ artful approach based
on a deep respect and concern for the natural environment.
A new book, Paula Hayes, will be available for sale and signing.
Fee: Free for members, general admission for non-members.
RSVP: 616-975-3144 or
C-print speech-to-text transcription service will be provided.
This annual lecture is made possible by Peter and Joan Secchia.
For more information about Paula Hayes, you can visit her website here.

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