Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park Announces Acquisition of Major Work by Richard Serra


Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park announced the acquisition and permanent siting of a major piece by the eminent American sculptor, Richard Serra.

The sculpture, Equal Intervals, Equal Elevations, is a site-specific work and has been the focal point of significant research, furthering Fred Meijer’s vision and desire to build a collection of sculpture of international significance.

“Meijer Gardens has long been committed to the opportunity to introduce a work by Richard Serra— one of the most acclaimed and influential sculptors of our time— to the collection,” said Joseph Becherer, vice president and chief curator at Meijer Gardens.

Equal Intervals, Equal Elevations is composed of four large, weathering, forged-steel blocks placed at equal intervals in the hillside and valley in the very heart of the Sculpture Park.

Serra visited Meijer Gardens last fall to review the site and specifically place and orient each of the blocks in the landscape.

“The sculpture is sited so that the four blocks are set on the same contour equal distance apart in an arc so as to frame the pond,” explained Richard Serra.

According to the artist, placement of the four elements, and the relationship of the objects to the surrounding space, is critical to the work both physically and intellectually.

“Far more than four measurable steel blocks, the work is about our perceptions of a space that, in this specific instance, is the entire hillside,” described Becherer. “Most works of sculpture are about the measurable object or the object in space, but Serra pushes the boundaries of sculpture to help the viewer perceive the entirety of space.”

Equal Intervals, Equal Elevations will be unveiled on May 14th. A special open house will be held for media from 1-3 p.m. The site will be open for video and photography and Joseph Becherer will be available for interview.

The acquisition of Equal Intervals, Equal Elevations was made possible through the generosity of Fred and Lena Meijer. It was facilitated through Serra’s primary gallery, Gagosian Gallery.

“It is always inspiring when an important work of art is permanently sited in a public context,” said Larry Gagosian, owner and director of Gagosian Gallery. “We have appreciated the thoughtfulness with which Meijer Gardens has approached the re-siting project and we feel that it has been a very successful experience.”

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