Bachelor of Fine Arts Students and Graduates

There are six students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program, two of which are seniors (Anna van Milligen and Stephanie Kang) and currently have work in the Center Art Gallery and Calvin’s 106 Gallery downtown. Caitlin Smits, Dania Grevengoed, Shanda Edsall, and Anna Hanchett had a review last week and spent the semester working to present a cohesive body of work to be critiqued by the art faculty on the last week of class.

Caitlin 1Caitlin works in mixed media to tell stories of struggle while thinking about hands as portraits through her experiences in rock-climbing.

DaniaDania is concerned with regaining the intimacy of portrayals of landscape, and turning grand vistas into something more delicate. She works to transform landscape into portrait, and portrait into landscape–all while placing emphasis on a sharp highlighting of color and texture.

Shanda1Shanda’s present body of work deals with the insignificant, the residue of human life. The subject matter she has chosen to address is both the literal residue of actions or events as well as the stories left in the wake of experiences. Interaction has been important. Without the participation of others most of her works would be unachievable.

Anna 1Anna works with material and subjects associated with nourishment and intimacy; namely bread, beets and thread. She places an emphasis on disintegration and fragility as the fading of memory and absence of the body suggest the passing of time.

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