Frederik Meijer Gardens | Looking East, Facing West: The World of Zhang Huan

Zhang Huan

May 24 – August 25, 2013

Chinese artist Zhang Huan (b. 1965) is among the most prodigious and insightful artists working today. As a sculptor, painter, photographer, performance and installation artist, his impact in broadening the global dimensions of contemporary art has been immense. Themes of physical endurance and spiritual tranquility, Chinese history and heritage, and an interest in and reverence for Buddhism inform his repertoire. This exhibition explores the world of Zhang Huan both thematically and artistically. While works of sculpture are central to this presentation, including his iconic copper and steel Long Island Buddha, several of the artist’s paintings and photographs will also be featured. Although forms and materials may vary, Zhang Huan’s commitment to exploring the dimensions of the human condition and expanding the figurative tradition is unfailingly discerning. This exhibition is organized by Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park in cooperation with the artist and Pace Gallery, New York, Beijing and London.

Friday, June 7, 12 pm

Stacie Niedzwiecki, Director of Hospitality
Ben Pease, Lead Audio Visual Specialist
Hannah Rohn, Horticulturist

Walk through the galleries with three staff members as they explore Looking East, Facing West: The World of Zhang Huan from their own perspectives. Discover interesting personal interpretations of sculpture that you may have never thought of before. Feel free to participate in the discussion; it is not necessary to be an art expert to find deeper meaning in art!

Gallery Walk
Tuesday, June 11, 7 pm

Craig Hanson, Art History Professor at Calvin College

Join Professor Craig Hanson as he presents a fascinating introduction to contemporary Chinese art with a mini-slide lecture. Then move to the Sculpture Galleries as he relates his art historical perspective on the work in the exhibition.

Gallery Walk
Tuesday, June 18, 7 pm

M. John Stella, Author and Interfaith Dialogue Association Speaker

Walk through the galleries with M. John Stella. Discover the unique and thought-provoking work of Chinese artist Zhang Huan from a scholar who has lived and practiced Buddhism and meditation in monasteries throughout Asia. Share your own thoughts and questions about the sculptures.

Curator’s Choice
Tuesday, August 6, 7 pm

Joseph Becherer, Vice President and Chief Curator

Experience Looking East, Facing West: The World of Zhang Huan through the eyes of our Chief Curator. Walk through the exhibition and learn more about this fascinating and innovative artist.

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