DITA on ArtPrize: First you get rid of everything familiar

DITA (Dance in the Annex) today released photos from its SiTE:LAB entry in ArtPrize 2013, which takes place Sept. 18 through Oct. 6 at the 54 Jefferson venue.

DITA (Dance in the Annex) today released photos from its SiTE:LAB entry in ArtPrize 2013, which takes place Sept. 18 through Oct. 6 at the 54 Jefferson venue.

SiTE:LAB, winner of the “Outstanding Venue” award in 2012, returns to ArtPrize this year with ‘The Not Yet’ – a diverse collection of installations by artists from around the world, curated by Paul Amenta.

DITA Artistic Director Amy Wilsonsaid the modern dance collective will once again strive to reinvent itself, completely transforming its space in the multi-artist exhibit, creating an environment where artists and attendees embark on something never before experienced.

“As artists, we thrive outside our comfort zone, so we started by eliminating everything familiar,” Wilson said. “We took away everything familiar to dancers by installing a massive ramp as our stage, changing our entire relationship with gravity and other forces that act on bodies in motion.

“All of which creates uncertainty, even fear – then you know you’re onto something.”

DITA | SiTE:LAB | ArtPrize

As construction crews outside ripped up Jefferson Avenue this summer, and turned over the earth beneath it – inside SiTE:LAB, DITA was reconfiguring every inch of its space. The installation is made possible through support by Goodrich Quality Theatres, Lott3Metz Architecture, John S. Hyatt & Associates and The Ralph Livingston III Arts Memorial Fund.

DITA will perform its time-based work, ‘Angle of Repose’ at SiTE:LAB nearly every day of ArtPrize. A detailed performance schedule will be posted Sept. 15 on the DITA website.

ArtPrize, an annual international art competition, takes place in Grand Rapids, MI from Sept. 18 through Oct. 6, 2013. SiTE:LAB (the old Grand Rapids Public Museum) operates public hours during ArtPrize starting at Noon every day, including weekends.

‘Angle of Repose’

‘Angle of Repose’ is a site-specific exploration of gravity’s impact on motion. In the works created nightly at SiTE:LAB (54 Jefferson), dancers perform time-based movement on a steeply slanted stage, using sound, light, and video to create a dynamic environment that is always changing, both for the artists and for those experiencing it with them. As a catalyst for original expression, this challenging “canvas” transforms movement by changing the physical forces bearing down on the dancers, redefining their relationship with gravity, mass, acceleration, and friction. The performers adapt technique to navigate this altered state, recalibrating what is involved with motion. With a focus on artistry and technique, creativity and collaboration, Dance In The Annex’s (DITA) mission is to secure, promote and enhance modern dance in Grand Rapids by fostering an appreciation through education and performance opportunities.

Dance in the Annex will also host workshops and community events during the nearly 3 week event.
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