Professor Highlighted in Discussion on Arts Education in Michigan

Professor Jo-Ann VanReuuwyk was recently involved in a discussion on the importance arts education in Michigan schools.

“Last week, when Michigan’s public school students headed back to class across the state, many of them returned to districts where repeated annual per-pupil funding cuts have forced increased class size and decreased budgets for things like art, music, world language, and physical education. In fact, the Michigan Department of Education estimates there are 108,000 students in the state who don’t receive any arts education in their schools.

That gap in arts education in Michigan leaves some of our community’s most vulnerable children falling through the cracks. And in a city where we’re currently gearing up for the fifth year of a very high-profile arts competition, it’s unacceptable: “If we don’t provide an equal education for all students, we have a civil rights issue.” That’s according to Kim Dabbs, WMCAT’s Executive Director and one of the panelists who tackled the topic at Rapid Growth’s August Speaker Series.”

Read about the discussion on Rapid Growth Media here.


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