C/O Exist | Middle East Culture Series


C/O EXIST is a Middle East Culture Series taking place at Calvin College. The project is a collaborative love letter toward the Middle East culture.

C/O stands for ‘care of’. In order to talk about coexist, we need to care about existence in the first place.The goal is to spread awareness about situations in the Middle East through the use of film screenings, lectures, art, writing, food and more.All events are free and open to the public.

-There will also be a special issue of Dialogue on the Middle East!

This is a collaborative project involving various departments and organizations:

Art History Department
CAS Department
Cave Café
Film Arts
Healing Children of Conflict
History Department
Hope Equals
Middle East Club
POLS Department
Religion Department
The Visual Arts Guild

For more information and a schedule of the events please visit C/O Exist
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