Dialogue | Submissions


Dialogue’s submission deadline is November 1st and we would love to see anything/everything you’ve got. This is the chance your artwork has been waiting for: get it out of the basement to see the light of day!

We would especially like hand built pieces, Drawings, and Paintings. This edition of Dialogue will be in FULL COLOUR so you understand why this is a great opportunity. You will get credit (resume & portfolio worthy).

We would especially love pieces to do with water as that seems to be a submission theme thus far. If you have any designs that lend themselves well to layout we are also interested. VERY INTERESTED in any designs you have to offer for layout detail.

Dialogue is a chance for your work to see the light of day above ground and out of the basement. Seize the opportunity and let’s make this the best Dialogue we possibly can. It will only do good things for the creative community at Calvin, but we need to work together. You’re talented people; show it.

-The Dialogue Team

To submit to Dialogue e-mail dialogue.submissions@gmail.com

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