BFA Reviews

At the end of each semester, students in the BFA program exhibit their work from the last six months to be reviewed by the faculty. After setting up their work, Caitlin Smits, Dania Grevengoed, and Anna Hanchett discussed their portfolios with the faculty during reading recess on December 10.

Caitlin Smits: Through my work I try to create a dialogue with my canvas. I also try to create a self portrait through the exploration of the abstract mode of art.

PicturesUntitled, acrylic on paper 8 1/2  x 11in
Composition No. 3, printer’s ink on burlap with aluminum pop tabs. 24 1/2 x 45/12 in

Dania Grevengoed: I create images of abstracted idealizations of the yonic. My work covers up what may be broken, but it is also covering up nothing, so the coverings, the disguising of the substance, become the substance.  Through this disguising of the object/ idealizing of it I am able to beg the question of what the real substance of the object is. I am able to question how appearances influence the identity.

Dissociation I, mixed media, 2013
Portrait III, acrylic on canvas, 2013
Form V, porcelain, 2013
Untitled, pen & ink, 2013

Anna Hanchett: Personal memories allow for my making sense of the world. While these memories often deal with locations other than my present physical being, questions of place and placement as well as tensions between presence and absence are central to my work. While experimenting with materials that decay I engage with their disintegration. This struggle becomes a play with time (accelerating/retarding the growth of mold on bread). Considering my own physical relationship to time, I realize there is a kind of being in disintegration, too.

BFA soap

Bread Tiles, bread, thread & plastic wrap, December 2013
Shoe I & II, porcelain, November 2013
Drapery, porcelain, October 2013
Soap Tiles, soap & towel, November 2013

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