Get Involved

Sign up in the art office for a workshop with Professor Jake VanWyk. The workshop will be held this FRIDAY on Oct 3 from 1:30-4:30. There are only 7 spots left! This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.
The workshop will include:
Mono-printing using Caron Dasche crayons on Rag Stock
Ink wiping and layering using process inks
Workshop will stress image planning, buildup and registration using
Plexi-glass templates as a printing matrix as well as other transfer techniques

Come on down to the art basement this FRIDAY, October 3, to room 150 for the panel discussion with artist Tim Lowly. You will not need to travel downtown for this ArtPrize event. Tim Lowly is a Calvin alum, currently living and teaching in the Chicago area and has his work all over the world, including the Metropolitan Museum. To learn more about this event go to:

The Calvin College (106) Gallery is hosting “Reflexion,” an exhibition of nine ArtPrize artists that faithfully explore ways in which their art and process relate to reflexion ­–a bending back. They invite contemplation, ruminate on memory and identity, investigate properties of light, utilize the return of lines, consider the incomplete and ambiguous, and fix viewers thoughts on legacy. The artists approach this through various forms of traditional and non-traditional painting, printmaking, sculpture and installation that open new ways for the viewer to engage in art.

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