PAPER TEARS: Exhibition Review

Today’s post is by featured guest writer, Caitlin Smits, a Calvin Art Department Senior BFA student.

PAPER TEARS: This exhibition featured work from the Calvin College “Folio Image Space Text & Time” Interim class taught by Professor Anna Greidanus. This exhibition explored the content and structure of conventional and sculptural books. The handmade creations invited the viewer to engage and question conceptions of the traditional book. Though small, the show drew in many. When I first stepped into the small room it was packed loosely, the way packing peanuts comfortably float around in a parcel. That night, I had been to many venues, checking in to see how the foot traffic was up and down the avenue. It was cold, so each venue offered a sweet respite from the bitter frost. However, I would say that the (106) gallery was a delight. The warm lighting mixed with a show of tapestry weavings created a warm and inviting atmosphere. After further exploration, you came to find that there was a show downstairs, full of student work. I always enjoy seeing Calvin students exhibiting their work, especially downtown. The community is incredibly welcoming, and it is encouraging to see students so willing to expose something as intimate as their work to a wider, and more public audience. Students actively engaged their peers, as well as professional makers. Though many were fighting off the bitter cold, the warm company, beautiful pieces, and remarkable spread made for an engaging and well-populated night at the (106) Gallery, and a delightful First Fridays event. 

PAPER TEARS is on view in the (106) Gallery basement exhibition space now through February 26.

106 S. Division Avenue, Grand Rapids, 49503

Gallery hours: Wednesday: 1 p.m. – 9 p.m., Thursday & Friday: 1 p.m. – 6 p.m



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