Understanding the Language of Graphic Design

in his June 2012 post “Graphic Design as a Liberal Art,” author Jarrett Fuller posits that graphic design skills are a vital tool in our twenty-first century tool kits–an essential piece necessary to understanding, connecting, and participating in today’s visual communication.

From Jarrett Fuller

“Graphic Design as a Liberal Art,” Jarrett Fuller (June 2012)

We’re all looking down at our screens — we’re always looking at our screens. The screen, like the interstate highway did in the 1950s, has become a platform to connect us. The central source of information. The bridge that connects us to one another and makes the world feel smaller.

Designers have an important place in society. We have the responsibility — the privilege — to design the interfaces on those screens, the experiences the user has with the device in front of them. We’ve been given that seat at the table we’ve always wanted. Design is more important now than ever before in history. We are shaping the future.

Like writing and speaking has done for generations, design has the power to connect in the twenty-first century, but only if we liberate it and open it to all. By giving it the attention it needs in education, we can equip a generation with the tools it needs to develop a point of view, craft messages, and then project those ideas into the world.

The full article is available here

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