Student J Andrew Gilbert Shares on his Design Process

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Calvin College Junior J Andrew Gilbert has been working with the Calvin Theatre Company as a graphic designer for the 2017-18 performance season designing posters, mailers, fliers, and web content in support of Calvin Theatre. Andrew aims for cohesion throughout his work, and creates pieces with visual ties to the thematic content of CTC’s Season of Love and Forgiveness. Andrew shares a bit about his process designing promotional material for this week’s production of The Arabian Nights:

Gilbert, James Andrew. “Arabian Nights–Poster Design.” I Keep on Dreaming ( 7 November 2017. 

Since it’s opening week I decided to write a blog post explaining a bit of my design process for the poster…So the design always starts with ideas and concepts. When I talked with the director for the play, Debra Freeberg, she emphasized the idea of lights in the night and this rich colored fabric. I really liked these visuals, and combining it with the night, went for a desert night scene to tie it in with a place.

Read more about Andrew’s design process here, and be sure to get your tickets to CTC’s production of The Arabian Nights here.

Calvin Theatre Company’s Season of Love and Forgiveness is made possible in part by funding from the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs


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