Calvin Faculty Awards: Congratulations, Professor Greidanus!

A huge congratulations to art professor Anna Greidanus, recipient of a 2017 Calvin College faculty award for Community-Based Teaching. What a wonderful testament to Anna’s dedication and care: a well-deserved honor!

Professor Greidanus will be recognized at the Calvin Tributes and Awards Dinner on Friday, May 5, along with other Faculty Award recipients:

·         Advising and Mentoring: Julie Yonker (Psychology)

·         Collaborative Change: John Witvliet (Congregational and Ministry Studies)

·         Community-Based Teaching: Anna Greidanus (Art and Art History)

·         From Every Nation Award for Excellence in Teaching: Eric Washington (History)

·         Innovative Teaching: Keith Vander Linden (Computer Science)

·         Student-Faculty Research: Larry Molnar (Physics and Astronomy)

·         Teaching Excellence (for affiliated and adjunct faculty): Jane Genzink (Education)

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Summer Internships with the Grünewald Guild

Looking for a unique and life-giving summer internship experience? Explore the various internship opportunities with the Grünewald Guild–a retreat center located in the Wenatchee National Forest of North central Washington State. The Grünewald Guild is a community that “fascilitates the exploration between art and faith/spirituality.

Grünewald Guild Art Program Coordinator Sara Jane shares:

Guild internships seem to work best for students who are self-motivated, flexible, and comfortable taking ownership of their projects. Our work environment is causal and highly relational, with abundant opportunities for collaboration. We place a strong value on inclusivity and are passionate about actively recruiting interns who can enrich our community with diverse experiences and outlooks. 

Our 9-week summer internships are unpaid, but do provide room and board as well as one free class. We have opportunities in a number of areas, including Art Studio Management, Media & Marketing, Community & Hospitality, and Food Service. 

For a complete listing of Summer 2017 internships offered through the Grünewald Guild, see here:


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Calvin Art Alumnus Bjorn Sparrman at Yve YANG Gallery, Boston

Congratulations and good wishes to Calvin College Art Alumnus Bjorn Sparrman. Sparrman’s solo exhibition Two Pieces will be on view at Boston’s Yve YANG Gallery April 7 – April 20, 2017. Sparrman received his BFA at Calvin College in 2012, and his Masters of Science, Art, and Technology from MIT in 2016. 

Below, the press release from Yve Yang Gallery

For more information: //

Bjørn Sparrman
Two Pieces 04.07.2017–04.30.2017
Opening: 04.07.2016, 5PM–9PM

Yve YANG Gallery is pleased to announce Two Pieces, a solo exhibition by Bjørn Sparrman. Two Pieces will feature two pieces side by side at Yve YANG Gallery. Exhibition dates are from April 7th through April 30th, 2017. The opening reception will be on Friday, April 7th, 5pm to 9pm.

Yve YANG Gallery is pleased to announce Two Pieces, a solo exhibition by Bjørn Sparrman. Two Pieces will feature two pieces side by side at Yve YANG Gallery. Exhibition dates are from April 7th through April 30th, 2017. The opening reception time will be on Friday, April 7th, 5pm to 9pm.

Stability is the net zero-sum of motion. Stability is attributed to things. Instability conveys meaning. The two works presented invert the ways in which we rely on stability and expect instability.

In The Sculpture Makes the Viewer Revolve Around Itself, a handheld camera focuses on various objects. Projected on a thin sheet of stone, the image is stabilized such that the subject of the video remains fixed on the screen. The frame jumps around as is must to accommodate the filmmaker’s hand. The second piece, Image of the City, consists of construction scaffolding arranged in a grid. Low frequencytransducers animate the structure with inaudible vibrations derived from the sounds of animals and conversations. From a distance the structure is completely still and quiet. Only when touched sat on is the stone found to vibrate.

Both of the works presented in Two Pieces touch on a recurring component of Sparrman’s work. Through video and sculpture, he looks to find the link between materials and beliefs. Belief is a blanket term for ideologies, conceptual ideas, or the way we order and rank things in our minds. The ways in which we internally organize our beliefs inevitably interface with objects and materials. Sparrman’s work acknowledges the moment when ideas are thickened into a material carcass or represented by a momentary image. In the same breath, objects and their materials have the capacity to break through into our consciousness as concepts. Sparrman produces works in video and sculpture that leverage the threshold between ideas and materials. He does so in moments of hypnotic film and by specializing the experiences of objects and images. In the case of the works presented in Two Pieces, he searches for the sublime ignorant moment before perceptions become cemented as beliefs.

About the Artist 
Bjørn Sparrman (b.1989, US) lives and works in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He received his BFA from Calvin College in 2012 and his Masters of Science in Art, Culture and Technology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2016. He is currently a research specialist at the Self-Assembly Lab at MIT. As recipient of the ArtPrize 2014 Pitchnight grant, he exhibited his large public work, The Grand River Checkpoint Project, during the citywide festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

About Yve YANG Gallery Yve YANG is a gallery that presents emerging and newly established artists from all over the world. It is committed to carefully tracking the ever emerging technological moment alongside artists who wrestle with the conditions that this moment presents. This task requires a constant reconsideration of disciplinarily, forms of knowledge and representational modes. Yve YANG is eager to see the practice of art in turngenerate its own technologies that shape the world and our perception of it. We believe great art is not just embellishment, but rather is an essential act that inspires the progression of human history.

Open: Friday-Sunday, 12-6pm or by appointment

460C Harrison Ave, suite 8B, Boston, MA 02118

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Calvin Emeritus Chris Stoffel Overvoorde continues to spark positive change

Calvin College emeritus painting professor Chris Stoffel Overvoorde continues to spark positive change in his Grand Rapids community. Overvoorde served as an art professor at Calvin College for 31 years, and stood as Director of Exhibitions for nearly 10. Today,  the Calvin College permanent collection is home to over 60 Overvoorde prints, drawings, and paintings. Overvoorde continues to stay involved and invested in the West Michigan arts community:

Andrew Steiner (Feeding America West Michigan), “Local painter to host art sale in support of hunger relief.” The Rapidian (15 March 2017).

 Artist Chris Stoffel Overvoorde is hosting a three-day sale of his work to support local hunger relief, March 30-April 1. A third of the sale’s proceeds will be donated to Feeding America West Michigan.

This sale, hosted at his home and studio in southeast Grand Rapids, is the second time Overvoorde has supported Feeding America West Michigan through the sale of his artwork…

Read the full article (and for sale details), see here.


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Artist Collaborative Cohort group exhibition: Fri, March 3, 7pm, Ladies’ Literary Club

The Calvin College Department of Art & Art History is proud to present a group exhibition featuring the work of the Calvin College Artist Collaborative Cohorts. This body of work showcases the creative output generated by three cohorts of first and second year students who are interested in the arts, collaboration, and leadership. Enjoy refreshments and live music while taking in the student’s 2-D, 3-D, and film work, much of which is inspired by the cohorts’ study abroad trips to Indonesia.

When: Friday, March 3, 7-9:30 pm
Where: Ladies’ Literary Club, 61 Sheldon Blvd SE
This event is sponsored by The Calvin College Department of Art & Art History and is held in collaboration with Avenue for the Arts’ First Fridays: March 3rd, 2017 event:

For more information on the Artist Collaborative Exhibition, see here:
And for more information on the Artist Collaborative Cohort, see here:

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Combat Cabin Fever: GR has much to offer!

Cultured.GR provides a varied and full list of current and upcoming sights, sounds, shows, sales, and more: all fantastic arts events to take advantage of in and around the Grand Rapids area. In the spirit of sharing and spreading the word, take a look here, and then take a visit to support and enjoy GR’s vibrant arts scene this week!

Cultured.GR “Get Cultured: Jan 12-19.” Cultured.GR (12 January 2017)


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Student Organization Spotlight: Dialogue

This past Monday evening, the Calvin College Dialogue student organization hosted a lovely gathering to celebrate the release of Dialogue Volume 49.1. Students, staff, and faculty met in the cozy Fish House space to share in the publication release, as well as enjoy poetry readings and live music from Dialogue contributors.

What is Dialogue? 


Founded in 1968, Dialogue is a journal of Calvin College undergraduate creative work that is submitted, curated, and published by students.

Dialogue publishes student work in six categories: prose, poetry, photography, visual art, music, and film. A student jury evaluates all submissions and selects the finest pieces for publication.

The student organization creates a space for, well, dialogue–a forum where arts and culture can be discussed; it’s safe grounds for Calvin creatives to share their artistic work. This year, Dialogue includes both a film and music category. Volume 49.1 submissions can be seen and listened to here.
Want to get connected? Visit the Dialogue website or Facebook page, and if you’re on campus, be sure to page through a copy of the new issue.
**image: Folded Vessel, Olivia Rozdolsky
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Calvin Faculty Media Mention: Jennifer Steensma Hoag

Calvin College Photography Professor, Jennifer Steensma Hoag, has been recently featured on the Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography‘s website for her portfolio submission to the 2016 Filter Photo Festival in Chicago.

Abe, Kyohei, “In Review 2016: Filter Photo.” Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography (3 November 2016). 

 Kyohei Abe, DCCP executive director, writes: 

As always, it was absolutely delightful to review such an amazing group of artists at the Filter Photo Festival in Chicago this year. The work is wide ranging and diverse. The photographers displayed a plethora of styles, interpretations, content, and genres of photographic exploration.

On her work and practice, Steensma Hoag shares:

In 2015 I negotiated access to photograph dioramas in various stages of being decommissioned. Using these fictional spaces to create imaginary scenes of my own, I introduced a worker wearing a white Hazmat suit, making notes of his observations.
Rachel Poliquin, in her book The Breathless Zoo, writes that “Taxidermy is deeply marked by human longing,” revealing our hopes and dreams about our place in the natural world. Broken Models refers to the deteriorating dioramas I photographed and our failed construct of the environment as one of inexhaustible resources and the resiliency to accommodate, unchanged to our abuses.

See selected works by Jennifer and read the full article here.

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Home spelled backwards: Artist as work of art

Cultured.GR contributor, Elizabeth VanArragon, takes an art historical approach to one of ArtPrize 8’s most talked-about entries. 

VanArragon, Elizabeth. “Home spelled backwards: Artist as work of art.” Cultured.GR (6 October 2016).

The headline read “Man living inside his ArtPrize entry.” How could anyone’s attention not be captured by the promise of something new this ArtPrize? For the month of ArtPrize, Loren Naji has been living in his sculpture “Emoh,” a small, spherical house built of materials collected from demolished homes in Grand Rapids, Detroit and Cleveland.

Read the entire article here.

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Cultural visibility in our sights: ArtPrize Eight brings chance to listen to other cultures through art

ArtPrize kicks off today in downtown Grand Rapids, and this year promises over 150 venues hosting nearly 1,500 works of art. Before taking to the streets, take a moment to read these good words from Cultured.GR contributor Elizabeth VanArragon, on viewing work and considering other’s perspectives.  

VanArragon, Elizabeth. “Cultural visibility in our sights: ArtPrize Eight brings chance to listen to other cultures through art.” Cultured.GR (13 September 2016).

As we anticipate the eighth year of ArtPrize, Grand Rapids’s largest annual public art event, it will be worthwhile to consider the relationship between art values, venues, and cultural authority…

The full article is available here. 

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